Yury Tkachenko, М.D., Ph.D.

Montenegro - Russia - Singapore.

56 years old. 

E-mail: info@ip-management.ru


1984 - 1993.

Yury Tkachenko has started his career at the department of Hospital Therapy of Nizhniy Novgorod Medical Academy, co-authored a number of scientific publications in the area of treatment, diagnostics and monitoring of diseases.

In 1989, he defended the thesis on the treatment of lymphocytic leukemia.


1991 - 1995.

Yury Tkachenko founded several companies for the production and distribution of medical devices continuing traditions of Nizhny Novgorod Scientific School of Technical Thermography and Radiometry.

From 1991 to 2004, his companies sold more than 1200 medical thermographs and medical radiometers to medical organizations and independent doctors for the amount of more than $ 40 million.


In 2001, Yury Tkachenko has received Civil Law degree with specialization in the Patent Law.


In 2004, Yury Tkachenko became a co-founder of LLC “Spinor”, the company producing and selling CEM-TECH device intended for treatment of a list of diseases at home (www.spinor.ru). From 2005 to 2010, more than 150 thousand devices have been sold for the amount of more than 80 billion U.S. dollars. In 2011, Yury Tkachenko has sold his 50% share in CEM-TECH project, including patents and trademarks of the technology’s copyright holder JSC “CEM-Technology” (See Attachment 1) to the second co-founder.


In the beginning of 2000’s, companies of Yury Tkachenko created and, later sold several patents for biomedical technologies, including:

2 patents for medical radio thermometry for early detection of breast cancer were sold to some corporation (patent numbers are not disclosed according to a perpetual agreement with the corporation);

5 patents (see Attachment 2) for the usage of betulin (the extract of birch bark) as a natural bio preservative for perishable food products (http://doctorberest.ru, http://doctorberest.ru/medical_effects/betulin).


In 2010, CEM-Technology, JSC (owner Yury Tkachenko) has started development of mini-thermograph. Test sales to professional users were conducted in 2013. After the successful test sales, in 2015-2016, the group of trademarks “CEM” (see Attachment 3) was sold to the company CEM Instruments, China, specializing in productions and sales of IR-thermometers.


In general, since the beginning of the 2000s, Y. Tkachenko has successfully commercialized and sold more than 100 patents and trademarks worth more than $ 200 million. Y. Tkachenko has experience in joint innovative projects in Italy, France, Germany, Korea, China, Great Britain, and the USA. , India, Serbia, Chile.

Since 2005, Y. Tkachenko has led the creation, management and commercialization of civilian intellectual property (patents and trademarks, including trademarks for franchising) in Russia and abroad for individuals and firms of any specialization. An international network of professionals in the field of the commercial turnover of intellectual property has been created. In the Russian Federation, the initial analysis of patents of Russian copyright holders is carried out by the specialized company Intellectual Property Management LLC.



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